Toronto District School Board
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Regulation 612/00 15 (1-3) of the Education Act indicates that a School Council may make By-Laws governing the conduct of its affairs and that every School Council shall make the following By-Laws:

  • By-Laws that govern election procedures and the filling of vacancies in the membership of the School Council;
  • By-Laws that establish rules respecting participation in School Council proceedings in cases of conflict of interest;
  • By-Laws that, establish a conflict resolution process for  School Council disputes 

To support this process, TDSB has updated the School Council By-Laws’ Template. The update includes:

  • Mandatory articles that must be inserted into all TDSB School Council By-Laws;
  • Optional articles that School Councils may or may not choose to insert;
  • A template system that will enable School Councils to input their information and to have the By-Laws returned within 5 – 7 business days.

All School Councils must submit their templates by December 23, 2022.


By-Laws’ Review Process

The chart below outlines a process for the review and approval of By-Laws.

By Law Review Process