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Liability Insurance

All users of Toronto District School Board (TDSB) facility permits must have liability insurance coverage for the activities to be held in TDSB facilities.  Please note the following requirements:

  • The minimum amount of liability insurance coverage is $2 million. A higher amount may be required under certain circumstances, based on the advice of the TDSB’s Risk Management Department.
  • The name of the Insurance Policy Holder must match the name of the Organization applying for the TDSB Facility Permit.
  • The Toronto District School Board (TDSB) must be named as “Additional Insured” on the policy.
  • The insurance must be valid on the date of the permit.  For permits with multiple dates, the policy must cover at least the first month of the permit dates.  Thereafter, before the insurance expires, a renewed certificate must be provided at least one month in advance, to cover the rest of the permit

A copy of the insurance certificate meeting the above requirements must be provided to the TDSB Permit Unit before a permit can be approved.

Purchasing Insurance
Aon Risk Solutions is the recommended vendor if you are purchasing liability insurance solely for the purpose of a TDSB facility permit.  Please visit Aon's website, from which you can view all the details and obtain a quote.

Please ensure that the details provided to Aon (permit number, school name and address, type of activity, age group, number of participants etc.) are the same as on the permit application. Please do not purchase insurance until the clerk confirms space and availability.

In the event you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to Aon's dedicated School Board Events team by email ( or by phone (1.866.335.5551).

PLEASE NOTE:  You are under no obligation to purchase from Aon.  Insurance policies from other companies are acceptable, so long as the requirements listed above are met.