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Filming Requests

TDSB schools are sometimes used for filming television series, movies, commercials and still photography. Operating schools may only be available on weeknights after 6 p.m. and on weekends and holidays. The cost, terms and conditions for productions are provided upon receipt of a completed permit application.

Application Process - Filming Request

To determine availability of a school and to make arrangements for a site visit, contact the permit unit at 416-395-7666 or

The TDSB Facility Permit Booking system has transitioned to new online software called eBase. All permit applications should be submitted through the online booking system. If the link is not working, copy and paste:

TDSB Facility Permit clients, who already have online accounts, can log in and submit their requests. If you are a new user, you are required to create an account and you can only request permits once this process is completed. You are advised to watch the Introduction Video which will demonstrate how to use the booking portal.

The TDSB permit Unit will process the permit and apply fees established for filming in TDSB operating schools. If the costs are accepted, payment is required prior to the start date and time of the permit. Payment is to be made either by certified cheque, money order, visa or master card.

A minimum of $5M liability insurance naming the TDSB as additional insured is required.

General Terms and Conditions

A script must be submitted to the permit unit for approval with the permit application. The permit holder must ensure that any construction on or alterations made to TDSB property are approved in advance and in writing upon submission of a sketch plan of the location and a description of the type of alteration.

If access is required to any other areas of the property not covered by the permit, the permit holder must obtain written permission from the Board. The permit holder will not access, attach or link any of its equipment, support units or lighting to any building power source or equipment unless first requested in writing and approval has been granted in writing for each specific requirement. Any such links or attachments must be completed by qualified personnel, in the presence of the Board at the cost of the permit holder.

All arrangements including payment, evidence of insurance and the execution of a confirmed permit must be completed at least 48 hours prior to the start of filming. The permitted use of the premises is only to take place at the premises in the times specified on the permit and the permit holder will be responsible for the cost of all services provided by the Board. If required, police supervision for traffic control will be arranged by permit holder.