Toronto District School Board
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Statutory Advisory Committees

Parent Involvement Advisory Committee (PIAC) 
PIAC encourages parent involvement in children's learning in support of student achievement and well-being. Ontario Regulation 612/00 requires all Ontario school boards to establish a Parent Involvement Committee and outlines its composition, function and mandate. 
Special Education Advisory Committee (SEAC)
The Education Act and the regulations made under it establish school boards as independent corporations that are governed by elected trustees. The Act and the regulations also set out various duties of boards which include establishing policies and committees of the school board including the legal obligations of school boards regarding the provision of special education programs and services. School boards are required under Regulation 464/97 to establish a  Special Education Advisory Committee (SEAC). 

The following are Statutory Committees of the Board:

Committee Staff Contact
Parent Involvement  Advisory Committee (PIAC)
Special Education Advisory Committee (SEAC)