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Elementary Arts-Focus Schools and Programs

Through the arts, students learn to think imaginatively, identify and solve problems, empathize with others, think critically, communicate effectively and appreciate the skills and accomplishments of others. Everyone is welcome to come and join our Arts-based communities!

Arts-Focus Schools

All students attending these schools are enrolled in the arts programming. Arts are the primary focus of the school community.

Claude Watson School for the Arts (Grades 4 - 8)

Each year, 60 students are admitted into the Grade 4 program at Claude Watson School for the Arts.  Students spend approximately half their day on academic curriculum (language, French, math, science, social studies, health and physical education) and the other half is spent immersed in the Arts.  All students participate in dance, drama, music and visual arts.  In Grade 5, students are introduced to digital arts.

In November 2023, students may apply for admission to Grades 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8. Students will be admitted in Grades 5 - 8 if space is available. 


Karen Kain School for the Arts (Grades 6 - 8)

(Karen Kain Open House Flyer)

At Karen Kain School for the Arts the Ontario curriculum is taught through a differentiated program which integrates dance, drama, vocal music, visual arts and media. Students will continue to gain expertise in the Arts and will hopefully become life long supporters and enthusiasts of the Arts.

In November 2023, students may apply for admissions to Grades 6 and 7. Students will be admitted in Grade 7 if space is available.


Arts-Focus Programs

Charles H Best Middle School - Grades 7 & 8

In November 2023, students may apply for admissions to Grades 7 and 8. Students will be admitted in Grade 8 if space is available.

Welcome to Charles H. Best JMS CyberARTS: Visual & Digital Arts! CyberARTS is an inclusive, interdisciplinary, project-based program for Grade 7 and 8 students. It integrates the Ontario curriculum expectations with advanced study and exploration in visual and digital art. Our goal is to ensure students are well-equipped to enter the 21st Century with an understanding of equity and social justice through art.


Don Mills Middle School - Grades 6, 7 & 8

In November 2023, students may apply for admission to Grade 6.

Welcome to Don Mills Middle School – Learning Global Competencies Through the Arts: Students engage in deep learning through the ARTS to apply higher-order thinking skills including critical thinking, reasoning, communication, analysis and problem-solving that focus on equity, achievement, and well-being within a foundation of literacy, numeracy, and digital fluency.



Students interested in attending one of the elementary Arts-focus schools or programs are required to submit an Expression of Interest along with their completed Central Student Interest Program Application. See the Application and Admissions webpage for more details. If the number of applicants exceeds the number of spaces available, all applicants will be eligible for the random selection process.

Please note that transportation is the responsibility of the applicant.