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French Immersion/Extended French School Search

To find the French Immersion/Extended French schools in your area, please enter your home English school in the search window below type in keywords below and click 'Search':


The maps below show the locations of Early French Immersion Program, Middle French Immersion, and Junior Extended French Program sites located across the TDSB.

Please Note: While the maps below indicate schools housing French Immersion and Extended French programs, they may not have reached the full grade range in certain newly established sites. Please check directly with the school for information regarding the grade levels housed within that particular school.

FSL Extended Gr4 Location Map
Junior Extended French Program

**Please note that the Junior Extended French Program is phasing out as the Middle French Immersion Program begins. The last cohort will begin in September 2020, and will merge with the Early French Immersion cohort in Grade 9 in 2025.