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Student Super Council FAQ

What is the TDSB Student Senate?

The TDSB Student Senate, is a school based student council. Democratically elected students from all four quadrants in the TDSB form this council and allows the student voice to be heard in the TDSB Boardroom. Student Senate holds and/or participates in meetings throughout the year: Executive Meetings, Quadrant Meetings, Sub-Committee Meetings and TDSB Boardroom Meetings.

What does the Student Senate do?

Student Senate builds a bridge between the TDSB student body and TDSB Executives allowing the student voice to be heard in the Boardroom. We discuss issues and concerns, plan board-wide initiatives, foster student leadership and facilitate communication between the TDSB Boardroom and all students in the TDSB.

What is Student Senate's relationship with the two Student Trustees?

Like the Student Senate Executives, the two Student Trustees are elected democratically at an annual elections conference. They represent over 250,000 students in TDSB and sit on the Board of Trustees during TDSB Board meetings. The student voice is brought to the TDSB Boardroom through Student Senate and the Student Trustees.

What are Student Senate's accomplishments?

Some of Student Senate's accomplishments include:

  • Worked with the Toronto Foundation for Student Success during Feeding Toronto's Hungry Students Week to raise funds towards nutritional programs across the city.
  • Hosted the most successful Leadership Camp in TDSB history with the most diverse group of students ever.
  • Spoke out against teacher cuts, obtained student consultation with the TDSB budget, and worked on ensuring that students get a greater voice in their schools and in the Boardroom.
  • Wrote and passed the revolutionary Student Leadership Policy which will ensure that all students have equitable and sustained access to leadership opportunities.
  • Created the SAC handbook.
  • Advocates for more technology in the classroom and teacher technology training.
  • Advocated for transportation safety around schools at the Active Transportation Summit 2013.

How can students contact Student Senate?

Students can contact Student Senate members or contacting the Student Trustees. Students can also join our Facebook group to get information about Student Senate meetings and events.

How can students get involved in Student Senate's Events?

There are many ways that students can get involved in Student Senate's opportunities. Check out our events page to see what is coming up soon.