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Skilled-Trades Based SHSM Programming Eligible for F.A.S.T. (2022-23)

In order to Facilitate Access into Skilled-Trades (F.A.S.T.) SHSM Programs, students whose designated school by address does not provide a Skilled-Trades Based SHSM of interest can apply to move to a school where the program is available starting in grade 10. Students may look to apply for either a September or February start (in semestered schools) through the F.A.S.T. Application for the programs listed below.

Aerospace and Aviation



Georges Vanier SS (LC2)

Cedarbrae CI (LC3)

Albert Campbell CI (LC3)

Weston CI (LC1)

Central Technical School (LC4)

Central Technical School (LC4)


Emery CI (LC2)

Danforth CTI (LC4)

Hospitality and Tourism

Lakeshore CI (LC4)

Emery CI (LC2)

Central Technical School (LC4)

West Humber CI (LC1)

Etobicoke CI (LC1)

Danforth CTI (LC4)

Westview Centennial SS (LC2)

John Polanyi CI (LC1)

George S Henry Academy (LC2)

York Memorial CI (LC1)

Lakeshore CI (LC4)

Kipling CI (LC1)


West Hill CI (LC3)

Lakeshore CI (LC4)


Westview Centennial SS (LC2)

Newtonbrook SS (LC2)

Birchmount Park CI (LC3)

Winston Churchill CI (LC3)

Northview Heights SS (LC2)

East York CI (LC4)


Stephen Leacock CI (LC2)

Etobicoke CI (LC1)

Horticulture & Landscaping

Thistletown CI (LC1)

Northern SS (LC1)

Burnhamthorpe CI * (LC1)

Western TCS (LC4)

Western TCS (LC4)

Parkdale CI (LC4)


Weston CI (LC1)


* students 18+


Schools that offer Skilled-Trades based SHSM programs but are Closed to Out-of-Area Admissions are not included as FAST Schools. List to be updated annually.



For September admissions: by the last school day in February

Late applications will be supported when possible, dependent on available spaces

For February admissions: by the last school day in November

Students admitted through F.A.S.T. will be expected to take the required F.A.S.T. programming each year until the program is completed.


Required F.A.S.T. Programming

Considerations to Admission into FAST:

  • Students starting in grade 10 must be enrolled in Technological Education courses for the F.A.S.T. program and in the associated SHSM program for the remaining years
  • Students in grade 11 or 12 will be participating in the SHSM program for that sector and taking senior Technological Education courses related to the SHSM sector as well as Cooperative Education (preferably) in grade 11. If they are entering in grade 12 and have not taken Cooperative Education they must be scheduled for Cooperative Education

Courses that must be taken when entering F.A.S.T., dependent on grade entry.



Required Course 



At least one of:

TTJ2O1       TMJ2O1

TFJ2O1       TDJ2O1

TGJ2O1       TEJ2O1

TXJ2O1       TCJ2O1




SHSM Bundle of Credits for the Sector

2 credit Cooperative Education* (STEP or OYAP related placements)


Addition Technological Education Credit (Emphasis Courses)


SHSM Bundle of Credits for the Sector

2 credit Cooperative Education* (STEP or OYAP related placements)

OYAP and Accelerated OYAP 

Additional Technological Education Credits (Emphasis Courses)

*Minimum 2 credits of Cooperative Education are to be taken in either Grade 11 or Grade 12

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