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French as a Second Language

Learning French as a second language enhances your overall learning skills, expands career opportunities and promotes understanding among cultures. As a high school student, a variety of French programs are available to you.

Core French is offered to all students in elementary school and continues into high school. There are two types of intensive French programs: French Immersion and Extended French. 

A number of high schools offer the continuation of French Immersion or Extended French programs through the secondary years. Entry to these schools is based on a pathway that is established for the elementary schools where students began the program. To determine your secondary school, please follow these steps:

1. Locate the elementary school for your address: Find Your School 

2. Find the associated French Immersion or Extended French school by typing the name of the English school into the By English School Name search field.

3. Determine the high school to which that French Immersion or Extended French school leads: French Program Pathways

If you wish to attend a school other than the school designated for your area, you may apply directly to the school in accordance with the Optional Attendance policy and procedure.

The Ontario Curriculum: French as a Second Language

More information about French Programs

For more information:

The French as a Second Language, Classical and International Languages Department