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Course Selection

Submitting course selections with myBlueprint is easy! Follow these simple steps to submit your course selections for Grade 9.

Tutorial Video:

Step 1: Find Your School


Step 2: Explore the Courses

  • Click here to view the offered courses in all TDSB Secondary Schools
  • Using the search bar, search for your destination Secondary School
  • Using the Grade Filter, filter to Grade 9
  • Explore the courses you may be interested in taking. Click the course name to read the course description

Note: All TDSB students entering Grade 9 are expected to select a total of 8 courses plus two alternate courses.
Students entering Grade 9 must enroll in:

  • English - ENG1D
  • Math - MTH1W
  • Science - SNC1D
  • French - FSF1D
  • Geography - CGC1D
  • Physical Education - PPL1O or PAF1O
  • Two elective courses
  • Two alternate elective courses


Step 3: Log into myBlueprint

  • Visit
  • Select School Account Login and login with your TDSB credentials (the same way you would log into a school computer)

Having trouble logging in? Connect with you Teacher to support you in logging in.


Step 4: Pick Your Courses

  • From the dashboard of your myBlueprint account click High School from the left-hand navigation menu
  • Select Add Plan and select your destination Secondary School from the drop-down meu
  • Click either a subject name or the +Course button to to begin exploring and adding courses to your High School Plan
  • Click the course name to read the description
  • Click Add Course to add this to your plan

Grade 8 students entering Grade 9 are expected to select:

  • English - ENG1D
  • Math - MTH1W
  • Science - SNC1D
  • French - FSF1D
  • Geography - CGC1D
  • Physical Education - PPL1O or PAF1O
  • Two elective courses


Step 5: Review your selections

  • Click the blue Review Course Selections button from the course selection banner at the top of your High School Grid
  • Review your submissions

Need to make changes? Click the X in the top right-hand corner to return to your High School Plan. Select the three dots to the right of any course code to make a change


Step 6: Submit your selections

  • Click the green Submit Course Selections button


Step 7: Parent/Guardian Approval

Virtual Students: If you are a Grade 8 in the virtual school, simply:

  • Click the blue Send Approval Email button
  • Enter the email of your parent/guardian
  • Click Send Approval Email

Face to Face Students: With the direction from your classroom teacher either:

  • Follow the above instruction to send a paperless approval email to your parent/guardian
  • Print a Course Selection Sign-Off Sheet:
    • Click the printer button
    • Click Print
    • Invite your parent/guardian to Sign your Course Selection Sign-Off Sheet
    • Return to your classroom teacher


Looking to submit courses to more than one high-school?

  • Return to your High School Grid
  • Select View Plan in the top right-hand corner of the High School Grid
  • Click Add New Plan
  • Select the Secondary School from the drop-down menu
  • Repeat steps 4-7


For Parents/Guardians:

  • To review and approve your students selections vie the paperless approval method simply open your email inbox
  • Open the email titled Course Selection approval request - [Student Name]
  • Reivew your student selection
  • Select either Approve or Reject
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