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How do I make the right decision for me?

Choosing your courses occurs in February. Good decision-making is an important process and your parents/guardians/circle of care and teachers are available to assist you.

Did you know...

Students who select courses that are consistent with their goals and interests are more likely to be successful in all of their courses.

How do I create my education plan for the year?

You can use myBlueprint – a web-based planning tool – to see what courses are available at a school and to create your learning plan. You may also receive a Course Selection Sheet from your teacher to make a draft of the courses you may be interested in selecting.

What courses are available to me?

Course offerings are determined by each individual school and are dependent on student requests, facilities, and the staff that are available. All secondary schools offer programs to ensure that all students can earn a diploma and pursue post-secondary destinations including apprenticeship, college, university and work opportunities.

Course offerings are published by each school. Learn more about each school’s course offerings:

What programs/schools are available to me?

The TDSB recognizes that students have diverse needs. Although we encourage all students to attend the school determined by their residential address, there are Central Student Interest Programs across the TDSB that students can apply to through the Central Online Application process. Students may also be interested in attending a school other than the one designated by their address, which they can apply to through the Out-of-Area Admission process.

Your current school receives information regarding all of these schools/programs. Be sure to ask your Classroom Teacher or your Elementary Guidance Teacher about these opportunities. Attend the high school information evenings or research a school at Find your School By Programs.