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Report Cards

Assessment, Evaluation and Reporting

Encouraging high levels of achievement is the purpose of assessment and evaluation. Growing Success is the Ministry of Education policy document that outlines the requirements for all school boards in assessment, evaluation and reporting for grades 1-12. High schools across Ontario send home report cards in the same format that give clear information about how a student is doing. 

All high school students receive a provincial report card that lists courses, percentage marks for each course, credit earned, learning skills and work habits, comments, missed classes and times late. The course median information is also included. This is the percentage mark at which 50 percent of students in the course (all sections offered at the school during that time frame) have a higher percentage mark and 50 percent students have a lower percentage mark. 

When Report Cards Go Home

Non-semestered high schools send a report card home three times per year - first report, second report, and the final report. 

Semestered high schools send a report card home twice per semester - a first and a final report for each semester.

High school report card dates are different from school to school. For information about when report cards will be sent home at your school, please contact the school directly. 

Parent-Teacher Interviews

Regular parent-teacher communication is an important part of student learning. Parent-teacher interviews are scheduled at numerous times throughout the school year after report cards are sent home. These interviews provide an opportunity for parents and teachers to discuss a student’s progress and any issues. In addition to regular scheduled parent-teacher interviews, a parent can request a meeting at any time during the school year by contacting the school or teacher directly. 

Additional Information