Toronto District School Board
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Applications for Transportation

If you believe you meet the eligibility criteria, you can apply for TTC tickets from the TDSB.


To Apply


  • Print and complete the application form.
  • Give a hard copy of your application to your school Principal.
  • The Principal will give your application to the Transportation department who will review it for eligibility.
  • If you are approved, you will receive a call from the school who will let you know when transportation will begin. 
  • If you are not approved, you will be notified by your school explaining why you are not eligible. 

To Appeal


  • If you are not approved, you may choose to appeal the decision by writing an appeal
  • If your appeal is denied, you will receive a written letter from the Transportation department indicating why you do not fall within our transportation policy.
  • Your appeal may be escalated to an Appeal Committee where a final decision is made.


Process Times
Applications can be submitted any time during the year. Applications that are received between October and June can be processed quickly and, if eligible, you may be on the bus within three business days.

Due to volume, applications received between June 28 and the end of September, take longer to process and students may experience a wait time for busing or approval of TTC tickets of up to 10 business days once their application is processed.

Continuation of TTC tickets
If you already receive TTC tickets, you do not need to reapply each year if nothing has changed. If you move homes or change schools, you must submit a new application.