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Credit Recovery

When you complete a course within a school year or semester, but do not successfully completed the curriculum expectations to a passing level, there are options available. Your Principal and teachers will work with you and your parents to determine how you can best meet the expectations and earn credit for the course. Arrangements should be made so that one or more of the following options is available:

  1. Where possible, you should be allowed to repeat only the material relating to the overall curricular expectations not achieved. You may choose to achieve these expectations in summer school, through independent study, through an individualized remediation program, or through distance education. Your work will be evaluated to determine whether the expectations have been successfully completed.
  2. If available, you can enrol in a remedial program designed for a group of students with similar needs.
  3. You may decide to repeat the entire course

Through Credit Recovery, you will develop learning skills that will support you in the regular classroom setting. Credit Recovery courses focus on overall curriculum expectations, often within the supportive context of a Learning Strategies course. The goal is to ensure that you are able to meet curriculum expectations and prepare to move forward along your chosen program pathway.