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Secondary Arts Programs

These programs are designed to support students who are passionate about the Arts! At the Secondary level, while courses are offered in every subject area, students applying to these programs must be interested in focusing their elective courses in the Arts as they work towards their Diploma. 

Everyone is welcome to come and join our Arts-based communities! Students registered in the program/school will be expected to take two art courses each year. In addition to classes, schools will have a variety of extracurricular opportunities in the Arts for students to participate in.

  • Specific offerings are being finalized for the grade 9 program. Students do not need to have prior experience in an art form to take a course in grade 9 or 10. Courses will include options like Dance, Music, Film, Visual Art, Musical Theatre, Drama and Photography.
  • Courses in other grades will be dependent on the interests of students.


Centralized Arts Schools

All students attending these schools are enrolled in the arts programming. Arts are the primary focus of the school community.

Etobicoke School of the Arts (grades 9-12)

Rosedale Heights School of the Arts (grades 9-12)


Centralized Arts Programs

These programs are housed in local schools. Students attending these programs can also access extra-curricular and course opportunities offered in the local school.


Claude Watson @ Earl Haig Secondary School (grades 9-12)


Wexford Collegiate School for the Arts (grades 9-12)


Visual Arts at Central Technical School (grades 9-12)


Program Structure Visual Arts
Grade 9 Arts Courses *Drawing and Painting (AWM1O1)
*Non-Traditional Art (AWT1O1)

*required courses in grade 9

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