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Secondary Board-Wide Specialized Schools and Programs

TDSB students have access to specialized programs that offer unique opportunities and focus on a variety of interests. Each specialized program has specific requirements as well as unique admission criteria. Application to Board-Wide Specialized Programs is made directly to each program based on Optional Attendance

Below you will find links to the School website, Specialized School/Program website and the TDSB School website. The TDSB website will show Course Charts, Student Population, School Boundaries, Optional Attendance status, School Budget, School Accessibility Profile and the School Renewal Needs.

Africentric Secondary Programs

These programs include an Africentric approach to learning that is embedded in core grade 9 and 10 courses. The curriculum draws on African-centered sources of knowledge and perspectives to create a rich and diverse educational experience that builds an environment of high academic achievement, increased student engagement and enriched cultural pride for all students. For more information, please visit the TDSB Africentric Secondary Program website

Arts Focus/Programs & Schools

These programs are designed to support students who are passionate about the Arts! These programs consist of intensive programs within select schools as well as specialized schools focused solely on the arts. Students applying to these programs must be interested in focusing their elective courses in the Arts as they work towards their Diploma requirement. Everyone is welcome to come and join our Arts-based communities!

Arts Focused Schools - see individual school sites for specific areas of focus

Dance Programs

Drama Programs

Music Programs

Performing Arts Focused Programs

Visual and/or Media Arts Programs

Cyber Arts Programs

Would you like to be part of a project-based, student-driven, enriched environment? Cyber Arts programs integrate artistic expression and knowledge of design with technical experience combining the Fine Arts with Computer Technology and Communication Media.

Cyber Arts Programs

Elite/Exceptional Athlete Programs

Are you a provincial or national athlete? TDSB Elite/Exceptional Athlete programs will accommodate your needs and allow special timetables and unusual arrangements to coexist with coaching and travel schedules.

Integrated Technology School

In this school, students are encouraged to use math, science and tech skills in all subject areas. It encourages students to combine the knowledge of traditional academic disciplines with a problem solving approach to change.

International Baccalaureate Programs

The International Baccalaureate (IB) Program is a world renowned graduation diploma, recognized for admission to universities throughout the world. All external examinations, certificates and diplomas are prepared, graded and awarded by the Geneva-based International Baccalaureate Office. For more information about IB programming, please visit the TDSB International Baccalaureate Webpage

Leadership Pathway Program

The Leadership Pathway program helps students assume ownership for their leadership development. Students must take the initiative to become involved in a variety of in-school and community leadership opportunities. Students develop and expand their leadership skills through involvement in clubs and councils, specialized classes, additional community involvement hours, guest speaker sessions and workshops.

Math, Science & Technology Programs

Do you have a deep understanding and interest in math, science or technology? These specialized programs may be for you.


Local Specialized Programs

Many TDSB schools offer local specialized programming for their students. Each program offers unique opportunities and focus on a variety of interests. 

Advanced Placement (AP)

The Advanced Placement (AP) allows students to earn a Grade 12, University Preparation credit and pursue university level work while still in high school. In partnership with the College Board, schools offer AP exams which are compiled by the Development Committee which consists of representatives from a wide range of well known universities. These exams are graded by university professors and experienced AP teachers from different parts of the world by using common scoring standards. Successful completion of the AP exam may result in the opportunity to earn placement into second year university courses.

NOTE: Schools that have historically offered a Pre-AP Grade 9 Program will be receiving students for September 2022 admission through Optional Attendance.


Law in Action Within Schools Program (LAWS)

LAWS is an innovative partnership between the University of Toronto Faculty of Law, Osgoode Hall Law School and the Toronto District School Board designed to deliver an education program aimed at supporting, guiding and motivating high school students.

Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM)

Please visit the TDSB SHSM Webpage for a complete list of SHSM Sectors and the associated schools.

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