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EcoSchools Elementary Kickoffs

Elementary Kickoffs

2022-23 Better Together: Inspiring hope and climate action in our school communities

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Elementary October 13 or 19 (EcoTeam staff advisors)

All sessions 9am to 11:30am

Climate change is both a reality and a crisis. Children and adolescents around the world are aware of it and are desperately calling for action now. The threat of the climate crisis is taking a heavy toll on their mental health.

A large-scale investigation of climate anxiety in children and young adults published in The Lancet (2021) found that:

  • 76% consider the future to be frightening
  • 56% think humanity is doomed
  • 55% believe that the things they value the most will be destroyed
Schools play a critical role in promoting local actions to build students’ resilience and well-being.

The EcoSchools program provides educators and students with tools and tactics to address the climate crisis head on and transform feelings of anxiety into positive environmental actions. EcoTeams provide opportunities to develop student leadership skills, elevate student voice, and build community within the classroom and school.

During this year’s EcoSchools Kick-off sessions you will learn how the TDSB is addressing the climate crisis, and strategies you can take to rebuild your EcoTeam and inspire hope by taking action at your school.
  • October 13th, or 19th 9:00am – 11:30am - Elementary EcoTeam staff advisors.
Kick-offs are half-day morning virtual sessions and are open to all staff (including daycare, caretaking, and office administrators), parents, Trustees and Superintendents. Release will be provided to two staff members per school upon registration (via myPATH - login required).

2022-23 Kickoff Resources

Enjoy the resources we used in the Kickoffs:

2021-22 Climate Action: Refuse to do Nothing

The CANADA’S CHANGING CLIMATE REPORT, released in 2019, indicates that the effects of widespread warming are evident in many parts of Canada and are projected to intensify at double the global rate. According to the UN, whether we limit warming to this level and prevent the most severe climate impacts depends on actions taken this decade.

While we personally cannot hold back sea level rise or extreme weather events, neither can we ignore it. As leaders dedicated to the education, health and well-being of young people, our educational approaches must bolster the agency and empowerment of students to feel they, and society, can and is taking meaningful climate action.

2021-22 Kickoff Resources!

Whether you were able to attend on October 19, 20 & 21, 2021, or not, here's everything we can share with you: