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Action Energy Management


Energy Management

Reducing carbon emissions is critical to mitigating the worst effects of climate change. In the City of Toronto, over 50% of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions are generated directly by buildings.

With 583 operating schools comprising over 44 million square feet of floor area, the TDSB is the second largest property owner in the city of Toronto. The ways in which the TDSB designs, builds and operates schools has a significant impact on Toronto’s overall GHG emissions and the TDSB's ability to meet its aspirational goal of Net Zero Carbon emissions by 2050.

In 2020, the TDSB's Energy and Climate Action team was created within Sustainability to specifically address the challenges of climate change by focusing on ways to reduce GHG emissions generated by TDSB buildings. The team is involved in a number of on-going projects and initiatives, including:

  • Building Renewal Projects Commissioning
  • Design Guideline Reviews
  • Energy Retrofit Projects
  • Building Automation Systems (BAS)
  • Optimized Ventilation
  • Utilities Management and Building Analytics
  • Operations Excellence
  • Solar Schools
  • Green Will initiative


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Ontario Regulation 25/23 requires broader public sector organizations, such as school boards, to prepare and make available to the public, energy conservation and demand management plans and a report on their annual energy consumption and GHG emissions.