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Action Revitalizing School Grounds Viability Review

Viability Review Process

Through the Viability Review process, Facility Services aims to support schools and tenants in understanding the types of work that can be completed within the school board and following the steps they need to take to help make projects a reality.

Any of the following projects require a Viability Review Meeting at the outset:

  • All projects (small, medium, or large) that require design and construction
  • Planting trees, shrubs, and gardens in raised beds
  • Adding seating or other structures
  • Large scale maintenance of an overgrown area
  • Adding storage or play features
  • Replacing play structures
  • Murals


Requesting a Viability Review Meeting

  1. download the Request for a Viability Review form
  2. open the form in Adobe Acrobat
  3. use the "submit" button in the PDF (sends via your email program), or save it and send as an attachment to

Once the form has been received, Sustainability staff will be in touch to schedule a virtual consultation.