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Bike Racks

bikes locked to a rack

Bike Racks

Secure bicycle parking for students and staff is key to encouraging active and sustainable transportation. Bicycle racks have been installed at TDSB schools since the Active Safe and Sustainable Transportation Charter (ASST) was approved in 2013.

In recent years, the TDSB has received funding from the City of Toronto to ramp up these efforts. The partnership with CultureLink and their Bike to School project has brought cycling education programs to numerous schools and helped students discover the personal and community benefits of cycling.

Acquiring Bike Racks

bike locked to rack Schools can get FREE galvanized steel, modular bike racks from the City of Toronto, to be installed in the Fall and Spring, after completing the Viability Review form.

Forms received before November 15 will have bike racks installed in the Spring; forms received before May 15 will have bike racks installed in the Fall.

Some considerations for installation:

  • must have a suitable hard surface location (concrete, asphalt, interlock bricks)
  • location has high visibility
  • 2-bike capacity rack is 30"x28.5" and 75lbs.
  • 4-bike capacity rack is 60"x28.5" and 140lbs.

2-bike capacity rack 4-bike capacity rack

Mix and match the 2 capacities to get the number you need. Your caretaker can submit a Notification to secure the rack(s) to the hard surface. The City will deliver the rack(s) to your school after approvals.

Other Options

Schools can order a larger bike rack at any time through the Purchasing Bike Rack Catalogue (TDSBweb).

For scooter rack inquiries, please contact the Purchasing Department.