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Active Safe and Sustainable Transportation


Active, Safe and Sustainable Transportation

Many schools at the TDSB are making active, safe and sustainable transportation a priority in their community. The TDSB has made significant progress in promoting awareness and action around active transportation. In 2013, the TDSB’s Board of Trustees approved a Charter for Active, Safe and Sustainable Transportation (ASST). Through this Charter, the TDSB aims to:

  • Invest resources to support active, safe and sustainable transportation to and from school, including efforts made within the school itself;
  • Identify and remove barriers to getting to and from school actively by partnering with stakeholders to work as a coordinated team;
  • Connect students’ stive transportation to and from school to their learning in health, environmental, technological, and physical education, and other curriculum areas;
  • Collaborate with internal and eternal partners to facilitate the implementation of school travel plans and road safety education along with other measures to expand on existing programs within schools and; Increase students’ overall physical activity and mental health through positive interactions with peers, parents, and staff.

Since then, the TDSB has supported a wide range of initiatives to encourage students and staff to walk or wheel to school, including cycling education programs, leadership camps, annual campaigns, and school travel planning.