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Getting Started with EcoSchools Certification

Getting Started in the ECA

The ECA (EcoSchools Certification Application) is entirely online, and makes the "paperwork" completely digital. Even better, students are encouraged to enter results! Let's take you through the basics.

If you have any issues, reach out to

Quick Links for Getting Started:

  1. Certification Guide 2023/24 (PDF)
  2. Sustainability Review document (PDF - helps you choose Actions that fit with your strengths)
  3. List of all Actions (PDF - and connections to SDGs)
  4. EcoSchools Canada Calendar 2023/24 (PDF)
  5. TDSB EcoTeam Timeline Planner (PDF - help your team plan for each month; can also be ordered from us)


  • Opens in late September, required to indicate your interest in being certified
  • There is no deadline to register, per se, but the sooner you and your team get started for the year, the better
  • A teacher must do the registration
  • Watch the EcoSchools Canada Registration video
  • Register and log-in at Bookmark it!

Adding your Team

The ECA has been designed to be easy enough for students to jump in and help fill out the questions. In fact, that's the expectation, especially for grades 5 and up. The ECA doesn't want any personal student info, but they do want one account per person. You can give student accounts animal names, initials, first names or whatever. They have a video on adding people you can watch.

Making a Plan for the year

Each school can now have a completely different plan of "actions" - it really depends on what your team and school want to do. There are at 2 compulsory Actions that all schools must do (Getting Started and Environmental Literacy - set by EcoSchools Canada), and starting in 2023/24 we have added "Sort Your Waste to Reduce Contamination" as compulsory.

Right after you register for the year, you can choose from a set of "curated" plans that have themes, or you can simply pick and choose from scratch. But no matter what, you are able to add or remove Actions at any time. The number of Actions that you complete does affect what level you can certify at - you can't get Platinum from doing only 5 Actions, for instance. And, there is a video all about making a plan.

We also have our own timeline/planner your team can use for school events and other monthly activities you want to keep track of (can also be ordered from us ).

Completing an Action

It's all well and good to have 20 Actions in your plan, but then what? Time to roll up the ol' sleeves and get to work! (Remember to get your EcoTeam and other students to help out - delegate!) Luckily those EcoSchools Canada folks have a video on the subject of Actions. The thing you'll quickly notice is that each Action has the same structure, so it's easy to find the resources and worksheets you might need. Even the questions have a similar structure, so you and your students will get the hang of it fast.

Quick Links for EcoSchools Canada