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Action Memorial Stone and Trees

Memorial Stone & Trees

Whether the contribution, memory, or legacy of a student or staff member is being honoured, creating a commemorative or memorial plaque is a way to highlight their importance to the broader community and will help to acknowledge the individual’s legacy into the school’s history.

Warning: timing of plaque ordering, delivery and installation cannot be guaranteed; we suggest planning your memorial service after installation is complete.

For support in responding to the passing of a staff, student, or community member, please refer to the Critical Incidents Plan for School Administrators (TDSB, September 2016).

Memorial Stone

This is the only option for your outdoor plaque. It is long-lasting and zero maintenance. The location of the stone will be determined in consultation with the Green Projects Team Leader. It can be placed near an existing tree, a grove of trees or a garden.

Stone installations take place in the spring and fall.

Memorial Tree

The school community may want to plant a new tree as a memorial but not all school grounds are able to accommodate the addition of more trees - dedicating an existing healthy tree or grove of trees is an excellent option as a tribute.

New tree requests must be submitted by May 15th to be included in the Fall planting program (trees are not planted in the spring or summer months).

The approved location of a planting site depends on proposed future development at the school, the location of underground utilities, and other site restrictions. These possible restrictions will be communicated with a consultation with the Green Projects Team Leader.

For more information and to begin planning a memorial stone, please fill out this form.


Memorial Resources

Ordering a plaque

Content may include person’s name, years of life or service, or a sentimental quote. Confirm with the vendor how long until delivery. Creation and delivery of the plaque may take a month, or more.

Schools are responsible for ordering the plaque and receiving delivery.

Outdoor Plaques
Contact: Instant Imprint Sign (vendor #23386), for a bronze outdoor plaque, set at 4" x 6".

**Once the school has received the plaque, please contact to schedule the installation of the memorial stone. This may occur before a tree is planted (if requested), depending on time of year.

Tree Care

Please refer to our Soil, Watering and Garden Care resource.