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Action Water Bottle Filling Stations


Water Bottle Filling Stations

Plastic water bottles are expensive, can deplete water sources in local communities, take a lot of energy to create and transport, last in landfills for over four hundred years and contain nano-plastics! Toronto tap water on the other hand is affordable, local, low-waste and tasty!

To support schools in curbing plastic water bottle consumption, EcoSchools created a reusable water bottle refill program to provide select schools with water bottle refill stations. This project was developed to help schools move from landfill to refill.

Standard for Schools

In early 2021, the TDSB received COVID19 Resilience Funding to bring all schools up to a standard of 1 bottle filling station for every 250 students. From November 2020 to early August 2021, the TDSB plumbing team replaced over 800 drinking fountains with a water bottle filling station/fountain unit, at 479 schools. The increased funding from the TDSB and the Federal government enabled staff to complete about 20 years of work in only 10 months.


If you have any questions about the stations please contact,