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Waste Resources

Waste Minimization Resources

Minimizing waste means using less stuff, reusing what you can, and recycling as much as possible. These actions have multiple benefits—reducing the energy required to extract, process, and transport resources, as well as reducing the land impacts of unnecessary waste disposal. Any time we reduce our energy use, we produce fewer greenhouse gases.

We need to reflect on the quantity of resources we consume, how we use the resources we have, and how we dispose of the waste at day’s end. The responsibility of using our resources sustainably and managing our waste to reduce our impact on the environment involves all levels of our school system, and all levels of our society.

We have a "School Support" site (basically the content from the old EcoSchools Toolkit); we suggest jumping straight to the Waste Minimization section.


This section is still under development as we continue to work on systemic changes, but anyone looking to start using green bins we have an older video that is useful. We have further green bin resources on the School Support site.