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EcoSchools Certification

EcoSchools Canada Application

*NEW* TDSB schools will now be certified through EcoSchools Canada.

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Schools will continue to receive EcoSchools support, resources, professional learning opportunities and events from TDSB Sustainability central staff.

All TDSB schools are invited to seek EcoSchools certification by implementing a range of environmental actions that focus on waste minimization, energy conservation, sustainable transportation and school-ground greening. The program also has a strong environmental literacy component, as well as special projects and events that may include parents and the wider community. They have over 40 Action cards that your school can choose from for your program - you can try different things each year to keep it fresh!

Schools can certify at different levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum, depending on the degree to which they embrace environmental action. The TDSB has certified elementary, middle, and secondary schools, and outdoor education centres in all parts of the city and in all kinds of neighbourhoods.

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