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Ward 8 Forum

The purpose of the Ward Forum is to network and build relationships among school communities in the ward with their trustee and superintendent; to share information and to discuss the needs and issues of common concern to the school communities in the ward; and to act as a forum for school community consultation and input on educational policies, programs and service


1. Parent representative and alternate from each school

2. Superintendent(s)

3. Ward Trustee

4. FSLAC representative and alternate

5. PIAC (Parent Involvement Advisory Committee) representative and alternate

6. Student Council representatives, Principals and Vice-Principals, and other parents are welcome

Responsibility of Parent Representatives 

1. Act as a link between the local school council/community and the Ward Council by consulting and reporting back

2. Attend and participate in regularly scheduled meetings 

Meeting Agendas and Minutes


August 10, 2020 - Ward 8 & 11 Joint Virtual Forum - Return to School


Summary of Chat questions asked during the meeting


April 28, 2020 - Regular Ward Forum replaced by a virtual Webex Meeting with School Council Chairs/Co-Chairs

Meeting Notes


March 5, 2020 - Ward 5, 8 & 12 Joint Forum - Parent & Community Involvement Policy (P023) Review



February 6, 2020 - Ward 8 & 11 Joint Forum with Special Guest Dr. John Malloy



November 26, 2019 - Long-Term Program & Accommodation Strategy 


Ward 8 - Long-Term Program & Accommodation Strategy Presentation


October 29, 2019 - Ward 8 Welcome Back Forum *New Date*


OPSBA/TDSB Local Government Week Resource- October 21-25, 2019

Meeting Notes


October 7, 2019 - Ward 8 Welcome Back Forum  Postponed 


2017-18 Ward Forums

May 29, 2018 - Pathways Planning & Experiential Learning


Presentation - Planning Pathways and Experiential Learning


April 19, 2018 - Multi-Year Strategic Planning


Meeting Agenda

Multi Year Strategic Plan Presentation

Meeting Notes


March 1, 2018 - Planning, Capital and 2018-19 Operating Budget


2018-2019 Operating Budget Presentation

Long-Term Planning & Accommodation Strategy Presentation - Accommodation and Space in St.Paul's 


January 23, 2018 - Joint Ward Forum - Conversation with Director John Malloy


Meeting Agenda

Meeting Notes


October 30, 2017 – Special Public Meeting (in lieu of Ward Forum) – Trustee Alexander Brown – Overcrowding in Willowdale Schools with the Minister of Education – Education Development Charges


Education Development Charges Report

Past Ward Forums

May 15, 2017 - Joint Ward Forum - Enhancing Equity Task Force Consultation


     Enhancing Equity Forum Background


March 7, 2017 - Joint Ward Forum - 2017-18 Budget and Fundraising Policy

     Joint Budget Forum J Arp S Laskin G Gershon 2017.pdf

      Ward Forum Meeting Notes - Budget 2017-18

      Budget 2017-18 Presentation


January 31, 2017 - Parent Engagement

     Ward Forum Notice - January 31, 2017

     Ward Forum Meeting Notes - Special Guest Louise Brown - The Importance of Parent Engagement


November 28, 2016 - Mental Health & Well-Being

     Ward Forum Notice - November 28, 2016

     Presentation - Mental Health & Well-Being at School - Heather Johnson, Social Worker


September 29, 2016 - PIAC, FSLAC Elections & Presentation on Coding

      Ward Forum Notice - September 29, 2016

      Presentation on Coding

      Video of the Presentation on Coding


Materials for April 14, 2016 - Long-Term Program & Accommodation Strategy, Environmental Stability & EcoSchools

      Ward Forum Notice - April 14, 2016

Environmental Sustainability Update Ward 11 Forum

      EcoSchools in Ward 11


Materials for February 29, 2016 Joint Ward Forum - Director Malloy and Operating Budget 2016-17 Consultation

      Meeting Notes

      Budget Presentation

      Ward Forum Notice - February 29, 2016


Materials for March 9, 2015 Special Ward Forum on Capital and Planning in Ward 11

     Planning For Ward 11-v5

     Ward 11 Forum Hand Out - Enrolments And Development

     TDSB Planning Projection Methodology

     Capacity And Utilization Rate - Questions And Answers - With Appendices


Ward Forum Notice March 9, 2015

Ward Forum Notice March 3, 2015  Twitter 101 for Ward 11 Forum

Ward 11 Forum Notes 15-01-22

Ward Forum Presentation - 2015-16 Operating Budget

Ward 11 Forum Notice - January 22, 2015

Ward 11 Forum Notice - June 2nd, 2014

May 27 - Education Day - Candidates' Meeting

Ward Forum Notice - April 29, 2014

Ward Forum Notice - February 25, 2014

Ward Forum Notice - Joint Budget Forum, February 18, 2014

Ward Forum EDU Consultation

LGW (Local Government Week) - Role of the Trustee

Ward Forum Presentation June 11, 2013


Ward Forum - Operating Budget Budget Forum Agenda

Joint Ward Forum (January 23rd, 2013) - Ward 11 and Ward 13
Ward Forum - May 31, 2012
Ward Forum, February 1, 2012 Map to Ward Forum 
Ward Forum,  October 27th (2011) - Humewood P.S. 7:00 - 9:00 

     Ward Forum PowerPoint 
     Ward Forum Notice


February 28, 2011

December 9, 2010

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