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Other Items of Interest

Other Items of Interest

A New Town Centre for Midtown Toronto - Final Report (June 2021)

Laskin Family Chicken Soup Recipe

In Response to the Statement by Chair Alexander Brown on Events in Washington, D.C. January 11, 2021

Supporting Black Student Achievement and Dismantling Anti-Black Racism at the TDSB

Leaders of Change Mission to Germany and Poland 2019 - Scholarship Program sponsored by the Canadian Society for Yad Vashem

Jewish Heritage Month - May 2019

A Trip To The Market  tour being offered to close to 2000 student during the month of May - Tour is 90 minutes and we’ve compressed a lot of material into that time. Before coming on the trip, teachers and students view the video and the workbook.

Responses to the Ontario Ministry of Education Consultation “For the Parents”

Concerns with the Government’s Decision Regarding the Health and Physical Education Curriculum

Chair's Letter to SEAC re Special Education June 2018

Equity Policy (Revised April 2018)

Chair’s Letter to Toronto MPPs re EDCs – Feb 1, 2018

Minister’s Response to Chair’s Letter re EDCs – April 18, 2018

Ward 11 Demographic & Achievement Report 2014-2017 (Elementary)

Ward 11 Demographic & Achievement Report 2014-2017 (Secondary)

Status Update – On-Going Facility Projects in Ward 11 Schools Jan 2018

Ontario Government Capacity Building Series for Teachers

City-TDSB Swimming Pool Extension Report - May 2017

TDSB Census - Background

Elementary Schools Design Guidelines - February 2016

Proposed Secondary School Gifted Boundaries for 2016-17

Early Years Programs in Ward 11

Crosstown Pedestrian Safety

TDSB Supports Equity and Inclusion

Catapult K-12, Designing Schools for Student Success!

Director's Statement re: Religious Accommodation

TDSB Acronym List

"Who Does What?" - A review of the Education Act, the Student Achievement and School Board Governance Act, 2009 ("Bill 177") and the Provincial Interest Regulation

Toronto Lands Corporation

The Essential School - A Model for Public Education in Ontario, developed by the Toronto Board of Education Parents' Working Group on Education Finance, Kathleen Wynne & Shelley Laskin, Project Coordinators, 1997

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