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The TDSB is committed to supporting School Councils in their operation during this period. We know that connecting and engaging family caregivers is essential to their mandate. 

The Board has provided School Councils with ZOOM accounts. These Zoom accounts have a meeting capacity of 300 people (including hosts/co-hosts) for:

  • School Council meetings
  • Executive Committee Meetings
  • Working Group meetings
  • Family/Caregiver and community networking/consultations

Please note that the TDSB assigned Zoom accounts are not to be used for personal one-on-one or group gatherings, conversations outside of the scope of School Council work and activities. All activities, events and conversations must adhere to all policies and all procedures of the Board including the  Human Rights Policy and Equity Policy.

Zoom Access

  • Zoom School council accounts have been activated for all schools;
  • The I/T department has sent a Zoom activation notice to the TDSB created School Council shared email accounts (i.e.; 
  • To access the above email account, all Principals must activate a TDSB account for School Council Chairs/Co-Chairs;
  • Once the TDSB School Council shared email account has been created, an automated message will be delivered to the School Council Chair/Co-chair advising to activate the account and to manage the password;
  • Once the account is created the School Council Chair/Co-Chair will now be able to access the Zoom activation notification using their TDSB School Council shared email account (i.e.; 
  • Please review this information.

Zoom Operating Guidelines 

  • Operating protocols are being developed. They will be posted here once completed. 
  • The Board has secured four (4) Zoom Webinar 500 (including hosts/co-hosts/panelists) licenses, one (1) Zoom Webinar 1000 (including hosts/co-hosts/panelists) license and one (1) Zoom Webinar 3000 (including hosts/co-hosts/panelists) license to be shared among schools/School Councils. This will allow for larger gatherings.  We are requesting School Councils secure a webinar through the school administration;
  • Please see the Google calendar below to view webinar availability.

Zoom Technical Support

Technical Support for School Council Chairs - New Process
Effective April 1, 2022, there is a new process for School Council Chair/Co-Chair to receive technical support for the services provided by TDSB (Email, Zoom, School Messenger, Wi-Fi Access). School office staff (P/VP/OA) are asked to view this Service IT article for details.

The new School Council Chair/Co-Chair Support Site contains a number of helpful resources and should be the first place the School Council Chair/Co-Chair look for “how to” information. If a School Council Chair/Co-Chair has a technical issue, school office Staff are asked to follow these steps: 

  • ServiceITLog ticket on behalf of School Council Chair/Co-Chair through
  • Share ticket results with the School Council Chair/Co-Chair
Please do not send any School Council Chairs’/Co-Chairs’ technical support questions to the Parent and Community Engagement Office Staff. It is anticipated this new process will provide school administrators and School Council Chairs/Co-Chairs with timely resolutions to any technical issues they may have.

Below are a few simple, yet helpful Zoom links: