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Live Webcast of Meetings

The Toronto District School Board is committed to developing opportunities for our wider school community to connect and engage in conversations about education issues. The Board will be webcasting the public session of the regular monthly Board meeting at 7 p.m. so that parents, community members and staff can follow trustee deliberations online.

Due to the closure of all schools and administration sites at the Toronto District School Board, all standing committee and regular board meetings will be held virtually and broadcasted live to the public.

Upcoming Meetings:

May 2021
May 194:30 PM Planning and Priorities
May 197:00 PM Board Meeting (Special Meeting)
May 202:00 PM Bylaws Review Ad Hoc Committee
May 264:30 PM Regular Meeting
June 2021
June 24:30 PM Governance and Policy Committee
June 94:30 PM Program and School Services Committee
June 144:30 PM Planning and Priorities (Special Meeting)
June 154:00 PM Planning and Priorities (Special Meeting)
June 164:30 PM Finance, Budget and Enrolment Committee
June 174:00 PM Governance and Policy Committee (Special Meeting)
June 234:30 PM Planning and Priorities
June 304:30 PM Regular Meeting
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