Toronto District School Board
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Every four years, 22 public school Trustees are elected during municipal elections to represent public school supporters in the City of Toronto.

Our Trustees work to ensure that all of our students realize their potential and succeed. They are advocates for education and are the voice of the public, ensuring all concerns are addressed. Each Trustee represents one of our 22 wards. Each ward is a diverse community with unique needs, priorities and educational requirements and Trustees represent their communities.

Together, the Board of Trustees:

  • Establishes policies
  • Sets budgets and allocates resources
  • Formulates plans for the Board and sets priorities to reflect community values and goals
  • Supports and monitors student achievement
  • Oversees matters related to Board facilities
  • Recruits and evaluates a Director of Education 
  • Collaborates with all levels of government in the best interest of constituents and public policy

Board meetings begin with an acknowledgement of Traditional and Ancestral lands of Aboriginal peoples.

The Trustees meet as a Board on a regular basis and also participate on organized standing committees.

The Meeting Schedule lists public meetings. 

For more information about the role of a Trustee and board meetings, watch the videos below or read the document School Board Trustees - Who are they? Why are they important?

Learn About TDSB Board Meetings

Role of a Trustee




Note: Trustee Robin Pilkey was Chair of the Toronto District School Board at the time of filming.
           As of November 15, 2022, Trustee Chernos Lin is the Chair.