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Writing at Home

Skills in reading and writing can be applied in many meaningful ways.  

Families and Caregivers can help build early writing skills by: 

  • Modelling writing and writing together (e.g. creating shopping lists, greeting cards, text messages, writing emails, etc.) 
  • Modelling how to listen for the sounds in words and translate the sounds into letters when writing (e.g. “We need tomatoes, what is the first sound in tomatoes? /t/….the letter ‘t’ says /t/. Let’s write ‘t’ for tomatoes) 

Families and Caregivers can help build writing skills in older children by: 

  • Helping children talk about what they will be writing and assisting them in organizing their thoughts and elaborating on their ideas (e.g. what words do you think you will use in your writing?) 
  • Creating fun and meaningful opportunities for children to write (e.g. create greeting cards, shopping lists, party invitations, gratitude notes, etc.) 
  • Reading a variety of texts together (e.g. poems, stories, chapter books, emails, essays, factual information) to expose children to a variety of written forms