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Intensive Support Programs

Intensive Support Programs (ISPs) at all grade levels are designed to support communities of exceptional (special needs) students who have similar behavioural, communication, intellectual, or physical needs.

Access to this level of support is by the decision of an Identification Placement and Review Committee (IPRC) . In very few cases, if the student has medically complex needs and requested by the parents/guardians/caregivers, consideration to hold a Special Education Program Recommendation Committee (SEPRC) , a recommendation may be made to access ISP support. In both cases, the committee will first consider if a student’s needs can be met in the regular class with appropriate support.

ISPs provide special education support for at least 50 percent of the school day. They are staffed with a Special Education teacher and may also have support staff.

The number and location of ISPs are determined by the number and location of students who need this level of support across the TDSB. ISPs are located in local school settings.

It is expected that students in an ISP will continue to be included in all aspects of school life. In most cases, a student's need for an ISP is limited as the student is expected to reintegrate into the regular program. The placement is reviewed annually.

Early Years Intervention Program

The Diagnostic Kindergarten Program (DK) is a program serving Kindergarten age students who have extreme complex and/ or medical needs in the area of intellectual, communication, and fine/gross motor skills, including persistent challenges in daily living. The Diagnostic Kindergarten Program is designed to provide targeted education for students to access the Ontario Kindergarten Program. Diagnostic Kindergarten programs have one teacher, an educational assistant and a noon hour assistant. A partnership between Professional Support Services and outside agencies is a valued component in the provision of support to staff and parent(s)/guardian(s). For more information see the TDSB Special Education Plan.


Intensive Support Programs and Locations

Autism ISP - Map Link
Behaviour ISP - Map Link
Deaf and Hard of Hearing ISP - Map Link
Development Disabilities ISP - Map Link
Diagnostic Kindergarten ISP - Map Link
Gifted ISP - Map Link
Learning Disabilities ISP - Map Link
Mild Intellectual Disability ISP - Map Link
Physical Disabilities ISP - Map Link

For detailed information on Intensive Support Programs, please refer to Special Education Plan - Section J - Special Education Placements Provided by the Board.

Congregated Sites and Maps

A small number of classes are in “congregated” sites, where intensive special education programming is provided for the full school day to meet the needs of students with very complex needs. These may include a combination of intellectual, physical, medical, communication, and /or behavioural needs. For more information see the TDSB Special Education Plan.

Congregated Sites - Map Link