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The Referral Process


Concerns About My Child

You or your child’s teacher may identify that your child is having difficulty with learning activities. Your child’s teacher(s) may contact you to discuss their findings or you may reach out to the teacher(s) and principal with concerns you may have about your child. You may choose to involve a friend, family member or advocate at any time, and with your permission, school staff can communicate with them as well.

Once the concerns have been identified and discussed, the steps in the referral process are followed.

Steps in the Referral Process

● Development of an Individual Learning Plan (ILP); 

● In-School Team (IST) meetings  with school-based staff; 

● School Support Team (SST) meetings  with school-based-staff, Special Education and Inclusion and/or Professional Support Services staff; 

● Identification, Placement and Review Committee (IPRC). 

More information can be found in the Guide to the Referral Process for Parents/Guardians/Caregivers and Guide to Special Education for Parents Guardians Caregivers.

Additional guides for parents/guardians/caregivers can be found here.