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Giftedness Program School Finder

Secondary School Boundaries for Students with Giftedness Exceptionalities

Please Note:  Students for whom a gifted Intensive Support Program (ISP) is recommended, through the TDSB Identification Placement Review Committee (IPRC) process will be offered a placement in an ISP. The Street Guide Link to Area Secondary Gifted Intensive Support Programs and the associated map are for students who have been offered a placement in an Intensive Support Program (ISP) and accepted the program placement.

For those students who have been recommended a Gifted ISP placement through the TDSB IPRC process, parents can use the link below to find their Secondary Gifted ISP site location.  It is possible that a program in any given site can reach capacity, which may result in some students being directed to another site location with available program space.

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Please enter your full street address into the search field to determine your eligible secondary school. 

The following address format is required for a proper match - full street address including street number, street name, city, province and postal code.

i.e. 5050 Yonge Street, Toronto, ON, M2N 5N8