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Random Selection Process Priorities

Spaces will be filled by grade according to the admission priorities listed below. For each of the admission priorities, in order, a random selection process will be undertaken if the number of applications exceeds available spaces. 

Priorities for out-of-area admission support family cohesiveness (K-8), educational continuity, feeder school group/program continuity, and current TDSB students.

Priority 1: (Elementary schools only**) Students who have a sibling currently attending the requested school and that sibling will still be attending the requested school the next school year. 

**At the Secondary level, this priority will only apply when the older sibling is attending the requested secondary school as of September 2022.

Priority 2: Students currently attending a feeder school in the same program as the application to the requested school (i.e. in Regular program if applying to Regular program). 

Priority 3: (Elementary Schools only) Current students no longer attending the Before- and After-School Program of the requested school wishing to remain at the school and current students who have moved out-of-area and wish to remain at the school (see section 6.2 of the Policy for more details). 

Priority 4: Current TDSB students (and who remain registered as TDSB students for the duration of the school year in which the Out-of-Area application was made). 

Priority 5: Other students whose parents’/ guardians’ primary residence is in the City of Toronto (e.g. from independent/ private schools, other school boards, home schooling, etc.). 

Priority 6: Students whose parents’/guardians’ primary residence is outside the City of Toronto. Applicants whose primary residence is outside of Toronto are not eligible for other priorities listed above. 

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