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Special Equipment Amount (SEA)

Assistive technology is any tool that enables students to access school life and to perform tasks as independently as possible. All students may benefit from the use of assistive technology; for some students it is essential. Teachers use these tools to create differentiated learning environments that are flexible, inclusive and engaging (Universal Design for Learning).

The TDSB has a wide-range of assistive technology programs that are available to all students. Parents/caregivers and all staff and students can access the AT Google Site to see what is available and how to get started. Please also speak with your child’s teacher to learn more.

Special Equipment Amount (SEA)

The Special Equipment Amount (SEA) provides funding to school boards to assist with the costs of equipment essential to support students with special education needs.

This equipment is to provide students with accommodations that are directly required and essential for one or more of the following: attending school, accessing the Ontario curriculum or supporting a board-determined alternative program and/or course.

Equipment purchased through SEA funding includes computers, software, equipment to support personal care, physical assists, sensory needs, vision needs and equipment for students who are deaf or hard-of-hearing.

For non-computer equipment, the equipment must be deemed essential by a qualified professional.

For more information, please contact your child’s teacher.