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French as a Second Language - Special Education

Students with special education needs can benefit and thrive in FSL programs. All efforts should be made to design and deliver a program that supports a wide range of learning styles and needs.

Teachers in FSL programs use assessment strategies to identify strengths and learning needs, provide Differentiated Instruction, and implement a Tiered Approach of strategies through the Universal Design for Learning to ensure students are set up for success. Teachers in FSL programs develop an IEP (Individual Education Plan) for a student with special education needs in FSL, if it is deemed necessary.

The Ministry of Education policy document entitled Including Students with Special Education Needs in French As A Second Language Programs, 2015 states that “The foundational belief that all students can learn applies to students across all subjects and program areas.” (page 3).

TDSB's French as a Second Language Department has adapted the following document from Ontario's Modern Language Council to help our teachers program adaptations for students with special education needs:

Including Students with Special Education Needs in French As A Second Language Programs

Fact Sheet - Special Education & Inclusion in FSL Programs


Inclusion in Core French Programs

Core French is a mandatory part of the Elementary and Secondary school program. For the majority of students, there will be no exemption from Core French. Please refer to the Operational Procedure PR597 for more information.

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