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TDSSAA Coed Curling

A set of three coed competitor students playing curling at Toronto Cricket Skating & Carling Club
The Coed competitors strategically in an exciting game at Toronto Cricket Skating & Curling Club. To see more photos, please visit the Photo Gallery.

Coed Curling

TDSSAA Curling offers students an opportunity to learn about a sport that is not easily accessible to the youth of today. By taking part in their school's curling team, students will be able to play at a variety of prestigious curling clubs around Toronto while competing for the TDSSAA regional and city championships.


Another Co-ed Curling season has begun! We hope everyone is excited and ready for the 2023-2024 Co-ed Curling season.

Congratulations to the team from Lawrence Park on winning the 2022-2023 City Championship for the Co-ed division. 

Stay tuned for updates regarding the 2023-2024 TDSSAA Curling season. Please connect with your school's Health & Physical Education department for more information.