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TDSSAA Alpine Skiing

Alpine Skiing 2022-2023

downhill skiing at Mount St. Louis Moonstone

TDSSAA Alpine Skiing is open to all skiers, from experienced (club) racers to those who have never raced before. Level 1 racers are high school trained racers who have not raced beyond the age of 11 (the U12 program). Level 2 racers are club trained racers who have raced at the U14 or higher level. All racers compete in the Giant Slalom and Slalom events.

A skiier passes her first gate in the Giant Slalom event at the TDSSAA City Championships.

 Alpine Skiing Grand Slalom 2023



Racer going down the Grand Slalom at the ski meet at Mount St. Louis Moonstone on December 17, 2023.



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