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Interpretation and Translation Services

How do I find an Interpreter or Translator?

An internal master roster of all TDSB approved interpreters and translators is available to all TDSB schools and departments. The roster includes the names of interpreters and translators who have renewed their employment with TDSB. Parents/caregivers and School Councils can access an interpreter or a translator by contacting the Principal or the Office Administrator of the school. The school will reserve the interpreter or the translator using SmartFind or PCEO.

NOTE: Only interpreters/translators on TDSBs approved roster or those sourced through the PCEO are permitted to provide interpretation or translation services in TDSB schools/departments.


How are Interpreters/Translators paid?

Each year the PCEO allocates resources to support interpretation/translation and sign language/deaf interpreter services. The budget for this service is monitored and is administered by the PCEO. Schools/departments access this resource for events such as parent/caregiver engagement and School Council related initiatives and activities (e.g. parent/caregiver conferences, parent/caregiver meetings, School Council meetings etc.).

Please note that special school translation projects engaged in by the school and/or the School Council (e.g. parent/caregiver manuals, Parent Reaching Out Grant projects, murals etc.) may not be covered by PCEO and will be charged to the school.


How Can I Get an Interpreter or Translator, Whom I Recommend, on the Roster?

Interested candidates are required to complete the appropriate application process before taking on any assignments. Candidates must complete the TDSB Interpreter Online Application Form. The TDSB only hires accredited interpreters. Candidates who have not had their interpretation skills assessed can liaise with Access Alliance for more information about language assessment. Access Alliance Locations and Hours.


What Expertise is Required for Interpreter or Translator?

  • Certification (ILSAT/CILISAT) by a professional translator/interpreter association recognized by the Canadian Translators and Interpreters Council is an asset;
  • Demonstrated oral and written proficiency in English and native-like fluency in one other language required by the TDSB, including the ability to distinguish shades of meaning in both languages;
  • A minimum of 3 years professional or volunteer experience as an interpreter or translator in education;
  • A minimum of 3 year experience in the public or private sector.


Who do I contact if I have a Concern about an Interpreter/Translator?

Questions/concerns should be directed to: