Toronto District School Board
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Learning, Equity and Well-Being

At the Toronto District School Board, everything we do is guided by the Multi-Year Strategic Plan and aimed at ensuring that each and every student has equitable access to programs, resources and opportunities. The Leadership, Learning and School Improvement Department has responsibility for the overall outcomes of all students and is focussed on ensuring everyone feels welcomed, encouraged, supported and included in their classrooms and learning environments.

We are committed to providing inclusive classrooms and removing physical barriers where possible so that everyone can participate fully and successfully, including students with special education needs. Teachers are able to access the necessary resources, supports and expertise from across the system and provide them locally, which enables most students to study in a regular classroom at their neighbourhood school. For students who require more intensive support, there are also special education classrooms and congregated school sites available.

uilding strong partnerships between schools, educators and families is key to ensuring the success and well-being of all students. The educational journey looks different for everyone and by working together we are able to identify the specific strengths and needs of each student and ensure that they receive the intentional and purposeful support required to be best prepared for the future. 

Another important focus of the Leadership, Learning and School Improvement Department is supporting the ongoing growth and development of staff. With oversight for professional learning across the TDSB, the team is committed to supporting all staff to become transformative and influential leaders with the skills and knowledge required to prepare students for engaged and productive global citizenship in a digitally interconnected world. TDSB's Leadership Capacity Plan outlines the guiding principles, structures, goals and supports available for all staff to become equitable and inclusive leaders.

The Research and Development Department gathers and provides important information and data to assist with board and school improvement planning and to help departments and schools make informed decisions to enhance achievement, equity and well-being for all students.