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The student cast of 27 students poses for the camera on the school’s stage.

Making refugee stories come alive: Lawrence Heights Middle School

The purpose of every dramatic performance is to entertain, but the students and staff at Lawrence Heights Middle School made sure to educate and change perceptions when they performed their annual spring production ‘A Chamada’ (The Call) A Wake for Refugees.




Each and every student is capable of success. Our focus is ensuring that all students can succeed by having access – the same access – to opportunities, learning, resources and tools; with the goal of improving the outcomes of the most marginalized students. That’s equity.


To do this, the TDSB has made a bold commitment to equity, human rights, anti-racism and anti-oppression. This sets the foundation to support those who have been traditionally and currently underserved, and will raise the bar for all students.


Raising the bar for everyone

We all agree that students deserve and have a right to learn in a fair, equitable environment, and we know from our student data that hasn’t been the case. We know when all students, regardless of their background, are engaged and in an inclusive, equitable environment, everyone is inspired to do their best to succeed—creating a stronger school community.


How does equity improve the school community?

Equity will help close the persistent achievement and well-being gaps our student data has continually identified as being strongly connected to demographic factors such as family income, race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation and disability, among others.


Equity will help address patterns of academic streaming by setting high expectations and increasing access to programming and support.


Equity will help us create a more equitable school system where the achievement and well-being of every student is fostered through rich, culturally-authentic learning experiences in diverse, accepting environments where all are included, every voice is heard, and every experience is honoured.


Knowing who our students are, their identities, abilities and lived experiences allows us as educators to create the conditions necessary for dynamic, deep learning and create environments that reflect, and are based on, the assets and gifts they bring in ways that honour them. Our goal is to do this in a partnership between students, families, community, elders and staff.

Together we will make a difference in our schools, classrooms and in the lives of our students where it matters most.


Enhancing equity at TDSB



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