Toronto District School Board
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Our Team

System Superintendent, Indigenous Education, Board Lead 

Tanya Senk

Administrative Liaison to System Superintendent, Indigenous Education

Mary Doucette

Centrally Assigned Principal 

Antonino Giambrone

Centrally Assigned Vice-Principal

Robert Durocher

Indigenous Student Success Team 

Bonnie Johnston Social Worker

Robert Loft

Social Worker

Andrew Simpson 

Social Worker

Kathleen Longboat Child and Youth Counsellor

Sean Gale Student Success Teacher

Graduation Coaches for Indigenous Students

Justin Broderick

Kyle Genaille

Emerelle Sliwa

Community Liaisons

Tracy Mackenzie

Tessa Sill

Indigenous Cultures & Traditions Instructor

Thunder Jack

Instructional Leaders 

Alicia Coady Dani Harris Natasha Gleeson Lee Sheppard

Indigenous Languages Learning Coach

Amy White

Indigenous Food Sovereignty Chef

Joanna Simon

Office Assistants

Vanessa Reddick

Kitty Sill