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Community Engagement

The Centre of Excellence for Black Student Achievement recognizes that the process of dismantling anti-Black racism and improving outcomes for Black students requires the ongoing collaboration and support of families, communities and partner organizations. The Centre of Excellence aims to be responsive to the voices of Black communities who continue to advocate for systemic change within educational institutions through strategic community engagement initiatives and educational partnerships.


Community Consultations

Community consultations and focus groups are conducted throughout the year to provide families an opportunity to engage with the Centre of Excellence for Black Student Achievement and staff of the TDSB. Families are able to share their experiences engaging with their school community and discuss how the Centre of Excellence for Black Student Achievement can support their needs.


TDSB Human Library Podcast

The TDSB Human Library Podcast: Conversations around Black Student Success and Excellence is a series of 15-minute audio episodes hosted by Shayle Graham.

The podcast introduces listeners to leading scholars, emerging thinkers, and fellow educators passionate about creating learning spaces dedicated to Black student success, well-being and positive racial identity. Each episode will highlight strategies that support meaningful engagement and advocacy of caregivers and communities and offers up guidance on how to navigate the education system.

Listen to season two of the TDSB Human Library Podcast: Conversations around Black Student Success and Excellence now!



CEBSA Launch Event

A variety of events supporting community involvement are held throughout the year. View our launch event for the Centre of Excellence for Black Student Achievement.

In Conversation with Lawrence Hill

Join the Centre of Excellence for Black Student Achievement for an intimate discussion with international bestselling author Lawrence Hill!

Celebrated Canadian writer Lawrence Hill will share his experience composing The Book of Negroes and explore the historical account of the transatlantic slave trade through The Book of Negroes historical document, and subsequent docuseries.

Date: February 2, 2023

Time: 6 – 7 p.m.

Audience: TDSB students (Grades 11 – 12), caregivers and staff

 Click here to register.

Webinar Wednesdays

The Centre of Excellence for Black Student Achievement presents Webinar Wednesdays. This series seeks to support Black caregivers, along with caregivers raising Black children with meaningful engagement and advocacy for their children in TDSB schools and programs. Through collaborations with various TDSB departments, Webinar Wednesdays aims to support system navigation processes for Black families and caregivers, alongside communication about Black student success.

The first session of this 2-part series, Academic Pathways - Beyond 8, in partnership with TDSB Guidance Department, we will explore topics to support decision-making regarding the transition from Grade 8 to high school.

Topics include:

  • Secondary Programs

o    Secondary Central Student Interest Programs

o    Africentric Secondary Programs

o    Alternative Schools

o    Indigenous Education

o    French Programs

o    FAST ( Facilitate Access into Skilled-Trades)

o    SHSM (Specialist High Skills Major)

o    Continuing Education

o    Local Programs

  • Out of Area Admissions
  • Planning Ahead – Using High School Planner in MyBlueprint to plan you high school career (including course selection).

Date: February 15, 2023

Time: 6:30 – 7:30 p.m.

Register for this webinar.

International Decade of People of African Descent: African Canadian History in Curriculum

In this session, Natasha Henry-Dixon will discuss the importance of integrating African Canadian counternarratives into the curriculum. Participants will learn about effective pedagogical approaches and accessible resources to use in the teaching of the historical and contemporary experiences of African Canadians. TDSB staff, caregivers and community, register for this virtual event.

Date: February 22, 2023

Time: 6:30 – 8 p.m.


Black Student Achievement Advisory Committee (BSAAC)

Established in 2016, BSAAC’s mandate is to examine and make recommendations on strategies to create more equitable outcomes, raise achievement levels and create safe spaces for Black students.

The BSAAC supports the Board’s ongoing commitment to work in partnership with its parents/guardians, communities and students to improve educational outcomes for Black students.

Dr. Carl James Parent Engagement Sessions

Dr. Carl James, York University’s Jean Augustine Chair, has been engaging in parent engagement workshops across the BSSE schools. Dr. James’ sessions have reached families and caregivers across all four Learning Centres within the TDSB.

Connect with Us!

The Centre of Excellence for Black Student Achievement focuses on improving the academic outcomes and experiences of belonging for Black students. The Centre of Excellence strives to support meaningful engagement and advocacy of caregivers and communities, improve communication about Black student success and provide guidance with system navigation.

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Office phone number: (416) 396-2351