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Multi-Year Strategic Plan 
The Multi-Year Strategic Plan (MYSP) sets direction and identifies system goals to support our 246,000 students and 583 schools. It acts as a high level statement of intent for the Toronto District School Board relating to:
  • expectation for high student achievement
  • safety and well-being of students and employees
  • reflecting the diversity of our students in the school and curriculum
  • challenging and comprehensive curriculum
  • teaching and learning strategies in schools
  • allocation and management of budget and resources
  • physical conditions of schools
  • staff training

The Multi-Year Strategic Plan drives all other plans in the TDSB, including: Vision for Learning and Service, Integrated Equity Framework, Leadership Capacity Plan, and Long-Term Program and Accommodation Strategy. View presentation to learn more.

A Multi-Year Strategic Plan Ad Hoc Committee, comprised of Trustees and staff, was formed in January 2018. The committee drafted Multi-Year Strategic Plan documents, including the Mission and Values statements and Multi-Year Strategic Plan Goals.

These documents were received at the Board Meeting on Wednesday, March 21, 2018. Trustees will move forward with the consultation phase of this work throughout April 2018. 

Multi-Year Strategic Plan:
Draft Mission and Values Statement

To enable all students to reach high levels of achievement and well-being and to acquire the knowledge, skills and values they need to become responsible members of a democratic and sustainable society.

We Value:
  • Each and every student’s interests, strengths, passions and needs
  • A strong public education system
  • A partnership of students, schools, family and community
  • Shared leadership that builds trust, supports effective practices and enhances high expectations
  • The diversity of our students and our community
  • The commitment and skills of our staff
  • Equity, innovation, accountability and accessibility
  • Learning and working spaces that are inclusive, caring, safe, respectful and environmentally sustainable.

Multi-Year Strategic Plan:
Draft Goals

1. Transform Student Learning

  • We will provide all students with positive, supportive learning environments that have high expectations and allow them to reach their full potential as valuable and contributing members of society.
  • We will ensure a strong foundation in literacy, math and global competencies (communication, critical thinking & problem solving, collaboration & leadership, global citizenship & character, creativity, inquiry and entrepreneurship) for all students, beginning in the early years.  This commitment to global competencies will allow our students to engage in authentic life issues through their learning such as environmental sustainability, poverty and social justice in order for them to develop compassion, empathy and solutions to challenging problems.
  • We will use technology strategically to ensure that learning environments balance digital fluency with opportunities for students to create strong relationships with classmates as well as adults.

2. Create a Culture for Student and Staff Well-Being

  • We will build positive school cultures that support the mental health and well-being (physical, cognitive, social, emotional and spiritual) of all students.
  • We will create the conditions for every student in every school to experience the support of a caring adult. 
  • We will equip educators with the tools necessary to teach, assess, support, and relate to students to ensure that student mental health and well-being is at the centre of teaching and learning.
  • We will support the mental health and well-being of all staff so that they can work in an environment free of bias and full of potential.

3. Provide Equity of Access to Learning Opportunities for All Students 

  • We will effectively integrate the voices, choices, abilities and experiences of our students into our school programming. Students will be more successful when they are engaged in their learning in this manner. We will be more responsive to the strengths, interests, gifts, and lived realities of our students as we create and design our schools and classrooms.  
  • We will ensure that every school offers a wide range of programming and creates a welcoming, inclusive learning environment for all students. 
  • We will continually review and assess our policies, procedures and practices to ensure that they promote equity, inclusion and human rights practices. 
  • We will review program, planning and accommodation needs to ensure equitable access, increased opportunities and enhanced learning outcomes for all students.

4. Allocate Human and Financial Resources Strategically to Support Student Needs

  • We will allocate our human and financial resources to ensure that all schools and departments can support optimal student learning, based on the principles of equity and excellence.
  • We will review budget allocations to address any barriers or system biases that could negatively affect student achievement and well-being. 
  • We will work to continuously renew facilities to bring them to the highest possible standards for students, staff and the community. 

5. Build Strong Relationships and Partnerships Within School Communities to Support Student Learning and Well-Being
  • We will strengthen relationships among our students, staff, families and communities to create a culture that supports all students and leads to improved learning and well-being.
  • We will involve parents/guardians in the school improvement process to ensure their voices and perspectives inform our work.
  • We will continue to build both formal and informal community partnerships to support the needs of all students and families.
  • We will continue to create an environment of shared leadership where everyone’s expertise and experience is invited and every voice has influence. 

Tell Us What You Think!

We encourage parents/guardians, staff, students, community members and other stakeholders to review the draft multi-year strategic plan information, including Mission and Values Statements and Five Goals and provide feedback. 

How to Provide Feedback

1. Review the draft Mission and Values Statements and Five Goals of the Multi-Year Strategic Plan.

For more detailed information, review the Presentation and  Consultation Guide.

2. Provide feeback by completing the online survey.


Complete Survey Now

The deadline to provide feedback is Monday, April 30, 2018.






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