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CTA Students use art to celebrate girls’ empowerment

Tuesday, March 8, 2022
Categories: Great Things

Students at Central Toronto Academy are recognizing International Women’s Day this year by using their digital art talents to reinforce the importance of girls’ empowerment and gender equality through a partnership with Plan Canada International.Art by CTA Student Ursula Schoorl

A small team of female-led students -- Jyoti Dadhich, Ondine Spearin, Genevieve Davis -- reached out to Plan Canada International with an idea to showcase digital designs the class was creating for International Women’s Day. After researching gender equality initiatives within the organization, it was clear a collaboration that was meant to be. Plan International Canada’s graphic design lead and communications lead worked with students to deliver informative workshops and assisted with concept development.

Throughout the month, and beyond, student art will be profiled on Plan International Canada’s Instagram account. Select works will also be printed for donors. Art by CTA Student Emery German

“This opportunity allowed us as students to use our artwork to deliver messages of female empowerment to such a wide audience, through an organization that is truly doing so much good,” says Spearin. “Learning to channel your course material towards leaving a positive impact in the real world should really be a bigger part of education in general.”

Since the start of the pandemic, Central Toronto Academy’s Graphic Communications program has been collaborating with a number of local businesses and organizations to showcase student work via social media, lending support through art and design.

Students have created in-house digital content for school clubs and extracurricular activities and have also teamed up with local cafés, fashion designers, city-wide arts collectives and now Plan International Canada to highlight International Women’s Day. Art by CTA Student Ondine Spearin

“From accessing free drawing apps on cell-phones, to acquiring industry-standard Adobe Illustrator skill sets, combined with access to global social media platforms, student artists can utilize their talents for social change,” says teacher Rebecca DiLeo. “And giving the gift of art, and supporting local businesses and organizations, it’s a win-win.”

Student art by:

  • Ursula Schoorl (top)
  • Emery German (middle)
  • Ondine Spearin (bottom)