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Jewish Heritage Month – May 2023

Friday, April 28, 2023
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Jewish Heritage Month continues to be recognized at the Toronto District School Board(TDSB) during the month of May.

Subsequently, the Canadian Jewish Heritage Act, was passed in May 2018 and is also recognized by the Province of Ontario by the passing of the Jewish Heritage Month Act, 2012. As stated in the Jewish Heritage Month Act, 2012, “May is a significant month for the Jewish Canadian community. Israeli Independence Day (Yom ha-Atzmaut) and Holocaust Remembrance Day (Yom ha-Shoah) frequently occur in May, as do various Jewish artistic and cultural events.

This year marks the 90th anniversary of the Christie Pits riot that took place in Toronto in August 1933. To commemorate this moment in history, the TDSB’s Jewish Heritage Committee in collaboration with the Italian Heritage Committee are offering TDSB students a chance to learn about the largest race riot in Canadian history.

Together, both committees created a program designed for students in Grades 8 and 10 to learn about the riot through a re-enactment, workshops, and a visit to a newly created TDSB Peace Garden at Christie Pits Park. For students unable to attend due to limited capacity, resources were also prepared for in-classroom teaching and discussion.

This program is part of the committees’ commitment to plan annual educational opportunities and to enrich the curriculum for further learning. With these actions our staff, students and our TDSB communities celebrate and learn about the diverse cultures of individuals within our schools and communities.

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