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Secondary Switch Form Update

Wednesday, January 5, 2022
Categories: Parent/Guardian Communication, Happenings @ TDSB

Subject: Secondary Switch Form Update

To All Secondary Parents/Caregivers and Students,

On January 3, the Government of Ontario announced that all students will be learning remotely until at least January 17 because of increasing case counts of COVID-19 and uncertainty surrounding the Omicron variant. The Toronto District School Board (TDSB) is committed to being responsive to the changing needs of secondary students and caregivers and will re-open the Secondary Switch Form for Semester 2 between Wednesday, January 5 and Friday, January 7. The switch request will be for the entire duration of Semester 2.

What to Do:

  1. Log-in to the Secondary Switch Form to see the method of instruction (Virtual or In-Person) selected for Semester 2.
  2. If satisfied with the method of instruction (Virtual or In-Person) for Semester 2, do NOT complete the Secondary Switch Form.
  3. If a student would like to change method of instruction (Virtual or In-Person) for Semester 2, please complete the Secondary Switch Form by Friday, January 7.

It is our goal to accommodate as many requests as possible based on available programs and space (e.g., French Immersion, Extended French, Specialized Programs, Alternative Schools, and other limited circumstances).

Student engagement is enhanced when students see one another as they interact with their teacher and peers. Students learning virtually in Semester 2 are expected to have their cameras on during class time. By having cameras on, we will build human connection with one another which supports learning and a strong sense of community. Students can speak with a guidance counsellor, Vice-Principal or Principal if there are concerns. If a student does not have a device with a camera and mic, please indicate that a device is needed on the Switch Form. If a student is already learning virtually and does not have a device with a camera and mic, they can speak with their Principal or Vice-Principal to request an appropriate device.

For Semester 2, to minimize the use of simultaneous learning (teachers instructing students learning in person and virtually at same time), schools will:

  • Reduce optional course offerings at grade 9 and 10 where most of the program consists of compulsory courses (e.g. All Grade 9 students would take Art as their optional course rather than choose between Visual Arts, Drama, or Music.)
  • Offer courses virtually in specialized programming (e.g. TOPS, MAST, IB, AP, Extended French and French Immersion, etc.) where a viable cohort of virtual learners in the school exists
  • Form "hubs" with other schools, where possible. Virtual Learning students may be taught by a teacher from another TDSB secondary school as students are shared across schools in a simultaneous and/or fully virtual class.
  • Offer courses that are primarily experiential/"hands on" only in-person which includes many Technology and Physical & Health Education courses. Please check with your local school for the list of In-Person courses.

Courses Offered In-Person:


Physical Education (not including Kinesiology, Personal Fitness, and Leadership)

Construction Engineering


Electrical / Network Cabling

Architectural Design

Hospitality and Tourism

Robotics and Control Systems

Hairstyling and Aesthetics


Computer Engineering Technology

Green Industries

Manufacturing Technology

Transportation Technology

Custom Woodworking

All changes due to switches will take effect beginning Semester Two, on February 3, 2022.

Thank you.