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East York Alternative Secondary School (GR. 10-12)

Grades: 10-12
Approx. Enrolment: 121

East York Alternative is a school community that supports student learning and growth in an environment based on mutual respect and commitment to democratic ideals. The school culture encourages critical thought and engaged citizenship with a diverse group of students on a range of pathways for future success. Students and staff promote open dialogue, care and mutual support. We encourage students to value responsibility, self-reflection, personal growth and pride in achievement.
Phone:(416) 396-2925
Fax:(416) 396-2928
Address:670 Cosburn Ave, East York, ON, M4C 2V2
Principal:Mohammed Askary
Vice-Principal(s):Ian Vincent
Jeffrey White
Office Staff:Miriam Zemell-Bloom
School Council Chair(s):Vacant
Superintendent:Peter Chang
Learning Network:LN30
Trustee:Michelle Aarts
Ward:Ward 16